October 2017 MM Share

We have space for one or two more families who want to join a memory share and will be at WDW between Oct 1 and 31. (Travel must fall within those dates as we already have one person traveling early in the month.)

Here’s the deal: I don’t have PayPal. I can accept payment through the app, Venmo, or I can give you my address for a check, or if you have a spare Disney gift card you can put the money on that, give me the number and PIN, and I’ll just transfer it over to my gift card account. Hopefully that’s enough options.

We have a private FB page, as I ran a memory share last year through a private group and it worked best for communication, so everyone needs to have a FB account, too.

If you want to jump in… let me know. the goal is to have five or six families so payment will either be $28 or $33. Let me know.

We now have one spot left.

Can I jump in still? Going 10/31-11/2

Interested, but would like some more details. Going 10/7-10/16. Thanks!