October 2017 Discounts?

First, I apologize if I’m posting this incorrectly. I used this forum about a year ago but have, since then, been using the facebook site more regularly. I’m trying to find a thread where people are discussing possible October 2017 discounts. Our DVC rental fell through and we’re planning on a trip October 7-14 (Columbus Day week). We already have tickets so we’re looking for possible room only discounts. I “Think” I remember there being a 30% off Deluxe, 25ish% off moderate discount a couple of years ago, but am having the hardest time finding historical discounts. I know there’s no guarantee that the discount will be the same as last year, but I’m hopeful. If last year they offered 30% off deluxe, I’m going to book WL but if not, then I’ll look into a moderate…

Can someone point me in the right direction?

This might have info that can help:

October has been tough lately. Have you looked to see if Magical Vacarions Travel has an exclusive rate for that time?