October 2016 Planning Opinions Needed!

Hi all! I have a quick question regarding picking which parks to go to on which date during our 10/22-29/16 trip. We plan on going to Magic Kingdom 2x: One day during MNSSHP and another on a regular night. According to the crowd calendar, we have 2 options for our non-party date: go on 10/24, Crowd: 7, Park Hours 9am-9pm; or 10/26, Crowd 6, Park Hours 9am-9pm with Evening EMH until 11. Which date would be better? I know 10/26 is less crowded, but it had EMH, which I’ve been told to avoid bc it draws in more crowds. Any help is appreciated! Thanks so much!!

Depends. Will you want to be in the park from 9am until 11pm? Are you planning an afternoon break? Do you have park hopper? Do you have young kids?

I would do the night without EMH. Personally though, after the crowds last year on non-party nights, I would go for a party, and do another MK day on a party day. The crowds are so light on party days, and last year the crowds were unreal on non-party days. You will have already had a night time MK experience at the party. Just my 2 cents.


We plan on being in MK thru 10pm without any afternoon breaks. We are an active family of 6 with our youngest being 14 yrs. old at the time of the trip. Also, we won’t have park hoppers. Hope this helps you help us! :grin:

Thanks so much! We definitely want to be in MK on a non-party date to see the regular fireworks & parades. I guess I’ll have to keep on planning. Either it will bound to be magical! Thanks anyways!


You will be fine with older kids! I’d say with a good plan, doing rope drop, and the expectation of big crowds you will do great. I would still go for the day without evening EMH. I think that will prove to be the biggest night of the week particularly when mnsshp is happening that week.

As the mom of 3 young DDs, I’m jealous. I really look forward to burning the midnight oil with my kids at the parks! Have a great trip!


I think you’ll be fine on either day with older kids. If you were wanting to visit any of the monorail resorts, a late lunch/early dinner might be a nice break. Or an early dinner at BOG if you can get it.

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If you don’t have park hoppers than I would do the one that had EMH! This would give you more time in the park and it doesn’t seem like it is going to be crazy busy for your stay! Plus you get the extra hours to spend in the park :slight_smile: What my family did is on the day of MNSSHP we opted to do a 1 day less ticket and spent time at the hotel swimming pool! It saved us a little money because we weren’t purchasing a ticket for the same day :slight_smile: Just an option :slight_smile: Also in the late evening most families with younger children will go home after the fireworks because it has been a long day! This would give your family some free quick rides :slight_smile:

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It’s funny cause we were planning on a BOG dinner that day. Thanks for ur help!

I will definitely have to consider your ideas. Thanks so much for your help!