October 1, 2017 Open Thread

Good morning everyone. Forgot to charge my tablet so I am using my phone.

Went to a fundraising event at my job last night. I won a nice pair of earrings and some beanie babies for Gwen. Today i will make up some info handouts for a health fair that I am unable to attend.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Good morning! I also hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday. My family and I will be meeting up with @sceruolo and her boys at the Maryland Renaissance Fair today. Should be fun!


I got a warning that this title was already used but I didn’t see it in La Cava, this one is Dining. So I started a new one in La Cava cause I wasn’t sure people would want to post in he public threads.


Ah, so that’s what happened! So much for using the phone! I will move over there. Thanks!


Our Pa. Renaissance fair is enroute to Hershey park. Son briefly dated a girl whow worked there.

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