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Help me plan my park days. What would you do? We are veteran Disney folks. Traveling party is myself, DH, and DD8.

Things in Green are decided upon but not yet paid for. Assuming I can get Ohana on the day I want (I don’t expect this to be a problem), this day just makes the most sense, I think. DD8 will manage a full MNSSHP party until midnight but I can’t ask her to wake up early the day after.

Waterpark is a free ticket from some Pixie dust from last trip. Does this make sense on a Saturday?

HS - I only need a partial day there. BATB, Frozen Sing A Long, Indiana Jones, RNR, Slinky, Fantasmic. That’s really about it.

I’d like to do breakfast at Trattoria al Forna, Boma dinner (new for us), as much F&W activities as we can cram in, most likely Tusker House. How hard is Boma and Trattoria to get at 180 ADR day these days?

Trying to avoid EP on the weekends - did that last year during F&W.

Need to balance Park time and Pool time for this trip, but we don’t need pool time every day. We don’t typically take midday breaks so this is new territory for me.

Would like to ride FOP at least 2x. what are the chances of getting 60+3 FPP FOP? DD8 could ride Test Track on repeat but we don’t wait in lines longer than 30 min. Epcot time will be split between WS and FW.

Currently Nov 4 has MK closing at 4:30. While I would enjoy seeing HEA as my last activity, it just won’t happen… Unless… is it happening while the park is closed and we can watch it from Ohana?

Attached is what I have so far. the #s are the current CL.

Disney 2019 Prelim Planning Sheet.pdf (193.6 KB)

**edited attachment to show important info on page 1

@Tate will you take a look when you have a few moments please. I hope you all are well!

Your plan looks good. Have you done a TP for HS can you do everything you want in 1 evening? I would probably RD HS and then hop to EP for lunch and go back to HS in the evening. Where are you staying? Whether you go to a park on your arrival day depends on what tickets you have and how much that extra day is. You might want to visit a park the evening after your waterpark day or do something that isn’t pool time. I think you’ll be fine getting Boma and Trattoria at 180 days out. Why is MK closing at 4:30pm? If there are fireworks, I love the view from the Poly.

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We’re staying Port Orleans French Quarter. I have hotel and airfare, but no tickets yet. I have to call them to add - I can’t do it online.

I haven’t put in a TP yet. Last visit to HS we were there less than 5 hours. It might work out on arrival day, but I’m reluctant to plan anything on arrival day. We skipped Fantasmic last time, so I really want to see it this time. If the flight gets delayed or something wacky happens, I’ll have a hard time getting SDD FP on another day at the last minute (at least I think!)

Maybe Boma should be done on my water park day! This solves my problem of trying to figure out where to put that ADR.

Early dinner at Boma after Blizzard Beach would work. Not sure you’ll get SDD FPP on your first day

Wonder if mk closes that early to decorate for Christmas? seems like mvmcp starts the week after mnsshp ends

This is an excellent point. I need to look into this. This is why I need another set of eyes! :slight_smile:

I’m told that it is very likely an employee appreciation party. I don’t think MK closes early for decoration purposes. I believe all of that happens during normal park closure hours. Of course these hours are projected. We’ll see what happens as it gets closer.

I need to check my ticket. I believe it is only good for Typhoon Lagoon. BB was closed this time last year.

So for an extra $20.92 per person, I can get park hopper passes for 2 more days.

I’ve updated my reservation for 7 days of park hopper passes. This gives me a ticket for each day except departure day. This is more than what I really need, but for this low cost, I can’t justify NOT having this many days of tickets.

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