Observation M18



Sending you a virtual hug :hugs:


I’m just doing my job, ma’am.

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Love. :heart:


You are great. Very funny. Keep doing that. I love reading your posts.


This is delightful, reading about all of your planning is delightful, and all of your threads are a 100% delight. Never change.

(Except… I suppose I should say “always change,” as that seems to be more your MO…)



I suspect the Crown Prosecution Service will be deciding soon whether to prosecute the case? I think they should as a clearer case of malfeasance has never been seen in these parts . . .


As a torch wielding villager I am hoping they burn him at the stakes… if they can manage to catch the slippery fiend.



In a Dickensian dystopia, there would be planners prisons for the likes of the subject professor…


Wait until you get there and decide to make changes as you go. We added BOG breakfast and ROL dining at Tiffins during our trip.

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I am surprised about CRT for the final meal. I thought you weren’t impressed last time. One and done. What about a nice steak in the S.E.A. Room at the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen?

You’re right, but . . . well, it’s my last day, my last hour in MK and WDW. And it’s the castle!


And I’m sure it will be pretty at night. Carry on…

I’m leaving in the afternoon :frowning:

I promise I’ll do Skippers next time . . . :wink:

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That made my night! :slight_smile:
Thank you!!

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Fantastic roundup.

One question.

Is the special prosecutor being aided by operatives from Scotland Yard? Will they be sending an MI6 operative to observe the nefarious @profmatt when he heads to the Americas? Though it may indeed be a small world, it would be an incredible disservice if they lost him in the world of Pandora or he managed to elude them in the many nations of the lagoon.

Ok, that’s two questions. Oops.

Finally, be sure to have whatever operatives are still investigating beware of blue Police Public Call boxes. They are not all to be trusted.


I think @profmatt needs a title

“change is inevitable”

My only thought would be if 2 hour blocks is enough time to do anything other that wonder around TSL.

I’m assuming Slinky will have an extreme line (120+ min)for a few months or so just because it is new.

Those two blocks are purely if I find an FPP. I’ve scheduled 10 hours on opening day itself to DHS, though I have non-TSL items on my agenda (ToT, RnR, F! and HBD).