Observation J18



Next time, let’s just stick to something safe: like religion. :wink:

Yesterday afternoon I had already decided never to return to that thread because I could see it was heading nowhere fast. Instead, I’d rather discuss Mickey Mouse Ears and Slinky Dog.

Speaking of which…I saw a posting on Screamscape yesterday where there was a review of Slinky Dog. CMs were reporting that, while short, it is surprisingly more fun than expected. So, I’m curious to get more opinions.


I saw that too, but I’m taking it with a pinch of salt as they’re hardly going to say it’s absolute crap! I’m still feeling more optimistic about it though.

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No apologies necessary. As political talk goes these days I felt it remained pretty amicable even amid the expression of differing opinions.

I hope you’re feeling better and reassured that you’re in for a grand time!!!


Same to you. Day zero has arrived. Enjoy your trip.


Faint praise indeed. “Hey, my colonoscopy was slightly more fun than expected!” :wink:


Agreed. Although, I would be hard-pressed to compare a colonoscopy to riding a roller coaster. (Actually, I’ve had a colonoscopy, and the procedure itself was fine. It was all the prep BEFORE the procedure that was horrible.)

Mostly, I’m more concerned about the “while short” analysis. I’m not sure why it is they can’t make a decent length for a coaster these days. 7DMT is, to me, a let down almost entirely due to the length. It is, to use ANOTHER crude analogy, rather like experiencing PE (edited due to discomfort of others)…fun while it lasted, but over all too quickly.

I cannot believe you just went there. :woman_facepalming:


Well, in keeping with the title of this thread…sorry! I just couldn’t think of a more apt analogy.

But now, @profmatt is going to create a NEW thread entitled, "Sorry again :frowning: " and apologize for the direction the “Sorry” thread took. We might, in fact, end up in an endless loop as a result.




No, this one is all on you!


But, how can that be? You started the thread. “And without this thread there’d’ve been no talk to get up the post in the first place!”

(Name that musical.)

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@profmatt - I do not blame you in any way. I do continue to wish you safe travels and a fun trip.

But this - unfortunately - has quickly turned into another thread I am going to ignore.

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What is happening to this forum?? I think I need to step away for a while. This place is getting weird.

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Sorry, folks. Seriously, I had no idea people would be so bothered. I abbreviated the original post so that it isn’t quite so obvious.

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This has been the general feeling of CMs who have ridden it and post on other forums that I have read. Having ridden Mater in DCA, I can say the same thing about AS2; it’s a lot more fun to ride than looks like it will be.

In the world of “fairness in advertising”, I propose the following new ad campaign: “Toy Story Land - More fun than you think it will be”


:joy: good one! Let’s hope so! I mean they can’t ALL be FOP.


I agree, but dont really care. I’m fully capable of scrolling on past. I enjoyed reading people’s opinions though. And I thought Ryan’s post was totally funny.

I’m a nurse so I think it’s hilarious but them again we have been known for having a twisted sense of humor