NYE in Magic Kingdom

Has anyone been in MK on NYE? I know its insanely crowded and that most people prefer EPCOT but my people are adamant that we be in MK. I have heard that it is necessary to be at the park well before rope drop and plan to stay for hours after midnight. After doing some research I have started to question that advice. We will be staying at POP, will have dining and FP+ reservations, and will be using Disney transportation. Am I understanding correctly that unless they reach a level 4 closure, which rarely happens, I will be allowed into the park at any time? I know transportation will be slow and bag check and entry will be packed, but would it be feasible to arrive at MK around 4 for a dinner reservation then claim our spots for the fireworks? We would definitely plan on hanging around after the fireworks to let the crowds get out. Thanks in advance. Jeanna

Your plan would have worked in 2016/17 …

EXCEPT for the issue with traffic. Like you, I was worried about phased closures over Christmas and New Year. We decided not to go to a park on NYE. I resort hopped, rest of family went offsite for shopping. They couldn’t get back to BLT after 2 hours in traffic and had to go direct to DS. We dined, had a soft drink and returned to TOTWL instead.

You would need to plan how you would get to MK. Buses seemed to fare a lot better, I think they had them going back routes to get places. Driving yourself would be very risky. And yet, MK still only reached the first stage of closure I believe.

Is Express Transportation available for that week? If so it may behoove you to visit AK that day or maybe Epcot, via International Gateway entrance (this may be a better option if you can Uber to BV/BC and walk, so then there’s no waiting for regular WDW transportation at all), going through possibly less waiting to get through bag check and/or the tapstiles, and then you skip them when you get to MK.

That’s a great idea!!