NYE Fireworks

We plan to visit WDW the week after Christmas through NYE (I understand what I am in for… I think). We have been to WDW quite a few times and are treating this as a chance to see decorations, shows and parades that are specific to the holidays and hit a few of our favorite “regular” attractions each day.

The part I can’t seem to understand is how the NYE fireworks work. I understand that they are at MK both the 30th and the 31st and we plan to see them at MK on the 30th. I also read they have two fireworks shows both days (1 around 6:30 and the other much later - 11ish). Are both of the shows on both days the NYE fireworks (meaning they do the NYE fireworks a total of four times at MK) or are they different depending on the time of day?

Last question - do they do any NYE dessert parties on the 31st at Epcot?


I don’t have any answers, but I bookmarked it because I am curious about the responses. You aren’t alone.
Hopefully someone will through some advice out there.

I think back in 2016 both were pretty much the same, but they only do the finale on the late one on the 31st.

The early shows do the whole countdown thing, so the younger kids get a chance to feel like it’s midnight.

So here is what I was able to find that was from a Disney blog post Dec 26th of 2017.

Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks ­– Guests will ring in the New Year in front of Cinderella Castle with the cherished fireworks show on both Dec. 30 and 31, beginning at 11:50 p.m. (An additional showing – perfect for young kiddos – will light up the sky both nights earlier in the evening at 6:30 p.m.).

When I first read this I understand as 4 identical fireworks shows, but now that I see @Nicky_S comment, I am thinking I wasn’t looking at it correctly. I think the “additional showing” at 6:30 both evenings may differ from the late night ones. It does appear though that the fireworks are identical at 11:50 on both the 30th and the 31st.

The late one on 31st definitely has the extra finale. It isn’t done the night before, only that night. We were staying at BLT, believe me we would have noticed if the 30th had had the same finale!

I think all four shows were pretty much the same. Apart from the final finale at midnight on NYE?

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