NYE Epcot...question

We have ADR’s for a late lunch and a late dinner. If we get to Epcot for rope drop, then eat lunch, will we be able to
head back for a little nap before returning?
We are on property, AP holders and have ADR’s…

Really think a nap would be beneficial to make it till around closing time.


Where on property are you staying? What time are your meals?

we have a 1:15 spice road table and a 2 pm FP for Frozen…thinking of leaving after we use the FP…
8:15 dinner at Biergarten
staying at BLT

So for sake of argument, let’s say you don’t get out of FEA until 3pm. Then 15 minutes to monorail. So your’re back at BLT by 3:30pm. Then you’d have to leave BLT by (I’d recommend) no later than 7:30pm, maybe earlier if crowds at the monorail are huge. So, yeah, I think you’d have plenty of time for a nap. Even if you were at your hotel from 4pm to 7pm, that’s 3 hours of nap.

thanks adam…three hours is more than we would need so it sounds good.
I will probably be too pumped for a nap but I know the kids will crash for a little (10 & 12), which will help…
the wife can nap anywhere, anytime, so she’ll be good with it too

You should be fine. Phased closings due to capacity are rare at EP, and staying on-site puts you in the top category. In all honesty, If I was not able to get back into EP due to capacity, I don’t think I’d WANT to be in EP at all… :slight_smile:

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“Due to its size, Epcot is the least likely to close, and has not done so in recent memory.”
Source: TP website