NYE Buffet at Epcot

Has anyone ever booked the NYE Buffet at Epcot? It has a Fantasia theme. CM told DH that it includes preferred viewing for the NYE Illumination fireworks but I wanted to double check here too. Thanks!

This might be something new this year. I first found out about it when someone questioned the $1000/couple CG NYE, and I started doing some research. Disney has published absolutely NO details about what any of the NYE "specials" include (there's also a $500/couple affair at La Hacienda, and a few others that I did not research). I'm not going to be there so no direct impact on me, but I AM curious as to what these events will include.

Is there any information posted about this? Sounds interesting.

These "special" events are getting out of hand...

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Yikes. And I didn't do the wishes dessert thing due to the price. Wow.

This was 65 per adult. It's in the World Showplace between UK and Canada I believe.

We are there for New Year and was thinking of being at Epcot, where did you find out about it?
I would love to know some more information cheers.

Doing some more research on the CG event. I guess this is an annual event. It's "all inclusive"; food stations, casino-style games, live music, characters, etc. Alcohol may also be included, but the wording is a bit vague. Here's the menu from the 2011 event


This is DEFNIATELY upscale food - but how much can one really eat...?

Bad link.. have to remove the 2 at the end.

corrected link.


I was the one wondering about the CG event. I, like Conefrog, am now thinking about the buffet at EPCOT. I really wanted to be inside MK for the NYE fireworks, but without an ADR I don't think I would be able to get in...unless we went hours earlier and frankly, I don't want to be jammed in the park for that long, so maybe EPCOT is a better bet ADR wise. I was wondering the same thing as Conefrog. Does it come with a preferred viewing? The rezie time is 5:30. What time are the fireworks? Do you get to eat and drink for hours? Or do they cut you off at a certain point? I was hoping someone here has done it before but is sounds like this may be the first year. If so, I'll call and find out.

@neilnole the CM at Disney Dining told my DH there was preferred viewing if you do the buffet at Epcot BUT she was not sure and had to go check with someone. It's interesting that no matter how hard I search this board, Disboards or other sources that no one else seems to know and they have done this buffet other years. I have a question submitted to Disney Mom's panel to see if I can get more information and as it gets closer to NYE more information might be released. I'm with you on staying away from MK on the 31st. We are going on the 30th to MK and Epcot on the 31st. We have a ressie at the Plaza on the 30th and a back up ressie at Biergarten on the 31st if we decide to cancel the buffet.

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Well that answers one question. I was wondering if it could be canceled.