For anyone at WDW this NYE:

Key points:

$119 + tax per person
Only open to blue card membership
Booking now open if you have a reservation at BLT for 12/31.
Any remaining spaces open up on Friday to other members.
Member plus 5 guests.

Observation deck open to members staying at BLT on 30th.
Also open to members staying at BLT on 31st for the 6:30pm fireworks, but closes immediately afterwards.



More interested in the one at ?Riviera that is a few hundred a person?

Man, this cold medicine is really playing with my vision. Did you say “few hundred a person?”

What? Does Iger come out and give everyone a personal back massage?

Yes a few hundred. I think maybe even $500pp

No massages. Just food and drink.


And you all thought the lightsabers were insanely priced.