NY/NJ/CT Quarantine

There have been some threads on chat about this and I think @Nickysyme has posted it on a few threads.

Under resorts WDW has this:

The link bring you here:

This says the order was extended . Today on the Disney Dish @len said it expires in July. @len,is that expiration date still true?

It has been super confusing and some people have even called the department of health and they are telling them it is still set to expire on July 7th even though it reads like it was extended and thier tweet said it was extended. When you read the facts page for excecutive order 20-139 it states that the quarantine will continue for NY, NJ and Conneticut and to refer to the original order 20-82 for additional information. Lousianna quarantine ended. Wish Desantis would just be clear about it…really annoying. :roll_eyes::unamused:

I heard reports that last few days that Department of Health have reported they “don’t interpret executive orders”?

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I think they were the date to people becaise they have no other dage. Or someone mispoke? Who knows anymore. I almost think that since the new executive order was to move Florida into the next stage of reopening that maybe they were just reiterating that the quarantine order was still in place? Of course…my own interpretation. I am going to hold on to hope that my interpretation is good and it ends on July 7th :wink::blush:

No - it got extended June 5 and I wasn’t aware of the extension when we recorded.

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I note that the quarantine doesn’t apply to people engaged in commercial activity (such as professionals who cover theme parks for a living). And yet, I sat here for a couple of weeks. I’m going outside.


Quick! Make sure your MDE account has a FL address!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


This is actually VERY appropriate!

NY is trending downward and doing a great job of keeping folks safe and healthy

FL is trending (rapidly!!) upward.

Related: we are now considering whether we may have to quarantine for 14 days upon return if we go in August.


I laugh because you are right. :wink: Turnabout is fair play.

I cry because you are right. :cry:


Our trip is planned for October but a 2 week quarantine would definitely be a deal breaker! I can’t miss 3 weeks of work and my kids can’t miss 3 weeks of school :cold_sweat:

We’ve (@hmbhmbhmb) got a trip planned for October and we’re in full wait-and-see mode. Since we’re coming from New York City, we’re not prepared to be quarantined for 14 days in either direction. We’ll see what October brings…


I mean, technically we COULD quarantine upon our return, since we’re working from home for who knows how long… but if Florida doesn’t get its shiz together, I wonder how long they’ll stay open. Sigh.


This surprises me 0%. I watch those daily briefings and he is very proud of the numbers. He’s not letting anybody mess that up. No matter what anybody says to complain about it. Thick skin, that one.

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