NY lifting quarantine restrictions

Starting April 1, New York is lifting the quarantine restrictions for domestic travel! This is huge for us. The testing/quarantine rules were cumbersome, to say the least. I wonder if other northeastern states will follow suit.


Pennsylvania lifted theirs a month or so ago!

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They did?! We wanted to go to Vermont or Massachusetts skiing in February and there were too many quarantine rules so we just stayed here and did nothing. It was…disappointing. :frowning: I think I’d just given up the idea of leaving my zip code so I stopped looking.

I thought VT and MA were excluded from the quarantine/testing anyway.

“Travelers from state that are contiguous with New York (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont) are exempt from the travel advisory.”


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My DH and I were happy about that. We are going to NJ at the end of April and live in PA.

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@lizzieanne771 you were exempt from quarantine coming back into NY, but couldn’t go into VT or MA without quarantining first. Or at least that’s how I understood it.

:clap:t3: thank :clap:t3: God :clap:t3:


Interesting. I thought all those states were on the same page and travel between them was ok - especially with so many people living in one and working in another.