Numbers out of wack?

Been using Lines for years at DL and it’s pretty reliable. Now we are getting ready for a trip next week to WDW and Lines have the Crowd Calendar at 1’s, 2’s, 3’s & 4’s. It’s going to rain for a few days while we’re their (being from Seattle, no problem!) and the $280 extra I paid for the low crowd days (tickets/airline change fees/hotel), I’m getting a little concerned. I’ve been watching the “How We Did Yesterday” and I’m seeing predicted 3’s going to 7’s and 4’s going to 8’s.

Should I be concerned?

I think the replies you got on chat were pretty spot on. You’ll have a fine time. Your touring plan is what matters most of all - if you’ve got a good one, you’re in way better shape than the majority there at the same time as you. Don’t forget the modify/refresh method for obtaining FPP 4 and beyond! We rode on FPP all day one day last trip at MK after arriving at noon and as a party of 4 wound up doing everything we had hoped and then some!


Oops! I thought my chat was deleted and I was supposed to post questions like this here. Sorry for the double post!

s’all good. It’s information that should always be frequently shared because there are many new users here who have the same question. :slight_smile:


Oh yes! I did not mean do admonish you! Just to say that the information you got there is good and I’m sure you’ll get similar information here! :blush:

Can you please explain the FP modify/refresh method again or include a link? It’s been a while since I read all of those threads, and I want to make sure we are doing this in the most efficient way using the mobile app in the parks. Thanks!

It’s really not difficult. Pick a fastpass. Take anything, really. Complete the selection. Then go back to your FPP plans. Click “modify” select your party members, and search again - by time tends to be the most effective if you’re just rolling through the day. Keep going back and forth until you find something you want when you want it.

Ok thanks. I think that’s what we are doing, I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some trick to make it faster that I was unaware of!

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