Number to call for broken merch?

Just waking up at home and making my coffee. Sad to realize the mug I bought is cracked. I have heard about calling to have a replacement sent. Anyone have the number?

Bumping for help

No experience. This number might be a good start. 407.363.6200

Nevermind. That is an old number.

Do you have the receipt? Is there a phone number for the store on it? You could try there, or start with general Customer Service – that might be painful, but it also might get you to the right spot after a few transfers. Good luck!

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Nope, the above reply was meant for OBNurseNH :confused:

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Good thoughts! My DH handled that transaction, so lord only knows where the receipt is :roll_eyes:

But it should also be on his Disney Visa so there’s that :slight_smile:

That’s happened to us twice and DH called the number on our receipt and they replaced right away. Realize you don’t have the receipt but maybe try one of these contacts?
merchandise . guest . services or
HTH :slight_smile:


Found the receipt! Called this morning. New mug will be here by this time next week!



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That’s great news!! Be sure to share a pic of your new mug when it arrives!!

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