'Number of Fastpass plus opportunities' meaning

I’m a bit confused as to what this option means on the Touring Plans app and what happens when numbers are entered. Can someone please explain?

Thanks in advance

I never put anything but it’s asking how many FPs you’ll have so it knows how many to suggest. It has them the wrong way round so tier 1 is group 2 and you can only have 1 in your first 3, and you can have 2 in tier 2/group 1.

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So would this then suggest which ones to use fastpass on?

Also if that’s the case then I wonder how it works if you use it later in the day and want to use additional fastpasses once you’ve completed the initial 3

You can add as many FPs as you like to your plan - I know which ones I want as my first 3 and which ones I’m likely to get as 4th or subsequent (though I don’t always add those to the plan as I don’t want it to put them before my first 3).

It makes suggestions whether you tell it how many or not as far as I remember.

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Correct. You’ll, typically, enter the 3 FPP you know you have and the times. Then TP will suggest which others, you haven’t picked, will have the longest waits. It does this so you know which rides you may want to try to get an additional FPP for.

Or you may not have realized how popular an attraction is on that day. On my last MK trip I didn’t realize how long the Jungle Cruise standby line would get. (40+ mins)

So I swapped one of my scheduled FPP from Pirates to JC since the Pirates standby was only going to be 20 minutes.