Number of days to use tickets and water park passes

We will arrive in Orlando Sunday, May 24th. We will go to Universal May 25, 26, 27. We will have 12 days at DW, May 28-June 8 but will only go to DW parks on 10 of those days. We will have 10 days of DW tickets with the Water Park Option. If we used one of our Water Park Passes or Disney Quest Passes on Sunday May 24th before we go to Universal, would the other passes expire before we leave on June 9th. Are the 10 day WP passes only valid for 10 consecutive days?

Tickets are valid for fourteen days after first use and do not have to be used consecutively. Also if they are part of a package vs purchased separately you may have trouble getting them more than two days in advance.

So if we used one of our Water Park or Disney Quest passes on May 24th then the others could not be used after June 6th?

Correct. Unless you add the no expiration option to the tickets. Then the entitlements are good until you use them all. No expiration is not cheap to add, though, but it would mean that even after you use the 10 park & 1 Waterpark day that you plan to, you would still have 9 (?) Waterpark entries you could use for future trips.

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