Now I'm creating things to worry about

Ok, so I have a trip booked for the end of April. I have an Annual Pass that expires in a few weeks (before my trip begins) so I bought park tix separately for me and DD10.

We made FPP reservations at the 60 day mark. Is there any chance the FPP reservations are made under my AP and not under my park tix? And if that’s the case could my FPP reservations disappear when my Annual Pass expires in a few weeks?

Should I

  1. call WDW and make sure the FPPs are assigned to my parkhoppers and not to my Annual Pass
  2. for god’s sake chill out this isn’t even a real concern

Thanks for any help.

  1. Definitely call - your best bet would be to contact WDW IT at 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357
  2. Sounds like a valid concern to me - you can chill out once WDW IT has confirmed that everything will be OK :smile:

Just called. they tell me the FPPs are associated with my parkhoppers, not the AP. That’s what I was hoping to hear. Thanks for the suggestion.

Glad it worked out! Here are some other things to worry about, in case you need some more


thanks, @brklinck. Any Python reference is a good reference.