Novice dining question

Forgive the novice question, but this will be our first time to have a dining reservation at a resort other than our own and not in the park. We are staying at Pop but have a breakfast reservation at Ohana. We will have our own car and will drive. Google maps makes the route look fairly simple, but is there anything we need to know once we get there? Do we simply tell them we are there for a reservation to be allowed to park? Any proof required? Is Ohana easy to find once there? Is the restaurant in whatever the main building is for that resort? We’ve never visited the Polynesian at all.

Thanks in advance for any info.

The CM at the guard booth will most likely confirm your reservation . After you park you will enter the Great Ceremonial House, most likely through the lobby . You will go up to the 2nd floor to check in and wait with a beeper until you are called for your ADR.


Thank you! That’s very helpful.

Leave some extra time to get to your reservation. When we went from Pop to Poly in August for a breakfast ADR at Kona Cafe, there was a lot of construction around ESPN Zone (is that the name?) and we got completely lost. None of the turns and exits were where they were supposed to be. We ended up pulling off near Typhoon Lagoon. Google Maps then gave us a fairly straight forward route to follow, but before that it was a nightmare!

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FYI … Be prepared to potentially have to pay for parking at the Poly. I haven’t yet come to grips with the when / where / how much, so I can’t be more specific. Perhaps @PrincipalTinker can elaborate.

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There are no parking charges at the resorts for dining. There is a parking charge for staying at Disney resorts that started this year. This is from the Disney website:
Day Guests
Complimentary standard self-parking is available while enjoying select dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreation experiences at Disney Resort hotels.
Registered Guests:

Overnight Self-Parking

  • Effective for reservations made March 21, 2018 and thereafter, standard overnight self-parking is available to registered Guests for a fee that will be applied to their hotel folio upon check-out. All parking fees include applicable tax.

Standard Overnight Parking charges per Resort Category:

  • Disney Value Resorts: $13 per night
  • Disney Moderate Resorts: $19 per night
  • Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts: $24 per night
    DVC members, those renting DVC points, those booked with UK agencies (and maybe other countries, I don’t know) and bookings made with Agency Exclusives through Magical Vacations Travel are exempt for now.
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When we went in September, I pulled in and said we had a reservation. The guy at the gate scanned my magic band to verify, and then we went in and parked. Easy-peasy! (I also did this when we wanted to come to Trader Sam’s only – I made a bump-and-run res at Kona; worked perfectly.)