November Weirdness

Wonder what is going on with mid-November? From WDW Prep School…

"Lots of mid-November weirdness going on.

  • people are getting their Festival of Fantasy FastPass+ reservations adjusted by a few minutes
  • some are getting their FoF FP+ completely canceled
  • Main Street Electrical Parade FP+ are being changed
  • there are almost no rooms available to book at all
  • park hours updates that normally would’ve come out last Friday or Monday haven’t been released yet
    I wish I knew why this was happening, but I don’t. It looks like mid-November is shaping up to be busy this year (which is so strange since the least busy time I’ve EVER had at WDW was in mid-November 2 years ago) and I’m not sure why that is either.
    Hopefully we’ll know more soon."

My trip is November16-20. Hope it is some weird glitch and not unprecedented crowds.

I’m curious as well. My trip is from November 14-21.

Is this the same time frame that everyone’s dessert party is being cancelled?

I’m not sure. I haven’t really paid much attention to those posts:(

I read somewhere (FB, probably) that someone had a CM tell them that the FP area was being changed for the FoF parade and it necessitated a change of times so that people would be in place for the parade. It sounds plausable to me…

Yeah I think so

I will be there mid November. 3 of 4 nights are MVMCP. I will go first night. Also recently announced that this is final year for Osborne lights. People are considering trips to see the lights one last time.

There are a lot of dessert parties because cancelled the week of Thanksgiving, but the week before Thanksgiving is what is weird. It shows as CL 5 being the highest that week with scattered 3s and even a 2, but everything is sold out.

I think it is going to be like this September where everyone thinks it will be slow and instead it is crowded. I’m sure free dining has something to do with it and also the F&W going until November 16th.