November weather

Weather in November? Will we be able to use the pools or is it too cold? Will we be at AKL Nov. 14-20, 2015.

We’ve gone swimming in December. The pools are heated. It kind of depends on the outside air temperature. When it was in the 50s and 60s we weren’t brave enough to give it a shot (climbing out of the pool seemed too brutal) but in the 70s and 80s we definitely hit the water.

A complete toss up in november! The first week of november we had wear your shorts days in the upper 70s or maybe even 80s and break out your jacket days in the lower 50s. Definitely pack both @Chardesty11!!!

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Thanks. Glad to know the pools are heated! We are so excited. I haven’t been in 25 years and it is the first time for my husband and kids.

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quicha is spot on. We’ve had the entire range of temps. So plan for everything, look at a couple of weather sites and…have a great time!!!

When we went last November it was colder the first few days and by the time it had rolled over into December it was actually getting a bit warm in the mid to upper 80’s. And just in case you didn’t know AKL is AMAZING! we stayed there the last half of our trip. As a bonus since the pools are heated the pool there is actually really close to the main building so even if the air is a bit chilly it’s not a long walk.

Yes I would never have dreamed we would be able to stay at AKL before I started planning. So the fact we actually are just seems unreal!!! I am just worried my girls won’t want to leave the resort and go to the parks. Lol.