November Trip/TRIPSTER tickets HELP!

We have a trip booked at Fort Wilderness in November. I bought our tickets early and have to decide in just a few days if I want a refund or not. So many rumors on what the parks would be like if they were open, no parades, no fireworks, no character meet and greets, some attractions closed , no shows, no monorail, long liines waiting for desanitization and limited capacity. I don’t want to waste our money on that! Any comments/help out there from someone who might be able to shed some light. Disney just seems to be operating as usual in booking except for the period they are already closed. They haven’t talked about opening with restrictions and whether they will allow cancellations for those who don’t want to do that. I can’t get a refund any later than May 8th.

I don’t know if my experience will help you, but I thought I’d share in case. We have a trip booked in November as well. We were starting out at French Quarter, then switching to Old Key West on rented points for five nights in a one bedroom (which would’ve been awesome). However, with everyone going on, I was not comfortable with holding on to a rented points reservation - and luckily, I had options, because I’d purchased cancel for any reason insurance. My deadline for cancelling with that insurance was September - but I figured, why not just go ahead and cancel that now, and book five nights on property through Disney. I can change my mind much closer to our dates with that reservation. So that’s what I did. I still have no idea what the landscape will be in November, or if we will even feel comfortable traveling then.


Why do you have to decide now? I have tickets from Tripster and our deadline is end of June for a trip in early July. Have you talked to Tripster to see if your refund window can be changed?

Yes I did. Probably has to do with when you bought them. I just got through a long conversation with a CM though. Pretty sure that I can apply the cash value of the tickets to a future date if I decide not to go. I didn’t ask Tripster about that, but I am going to. BTW, Disney’s policy on the same tickets is NO REFUNDS only applying the cash value to a future date. If I purchased the same tickets today with Tripster they would be about 17 dollars higher with the refund date in July. They don’t seem to be pushing the dates out too far right now. I bought mine in February.