November Race

Hi all—

We decided to plan a trip in Nov turns out it’s a food and wine race weekend. Staying at the Poly. How does a race weekend effect the non racers stay? Anyone have any experience? CL seems like 5 for everywhere. Any tips? Or will This be a disaster?

Thank you!

I stayed at the Poly for the WDW during Marathon weekend in January 2017. The Parks are extremely busy. Getting to parks using bus or car transportation is very difficult. However, because you’re on the Monorail loop you’re good if you plan your day around Magic Kingdom or Epcot. I’ve never done the Wine & Dine race, but I believe it ends in Epcot. There will be a lot of people at Epcot, but no worse than at any peek time.
I think you’ll have a great time. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. Sounds like the monorail will help!

The good thing with Wine & Dine is the longest race is a Half, so the roads should all be opened and traffic back in normal patterns by 11/12 at the latest whereas the Full in January ties things up until mid-afternoon.

That would make traveling back easier---- ok thanks all— now whether to extend our trip an extra day! Working around school (K)l is adding a whole new level of planning and guilt!