November Park Hours.. etc

Hi All,
What is the expert opinion on when Disney will release Park Hours for November… I know it is an unprecidented time, but regularly when would they come out. Mainly, I’m wondering if there will be any DAH events other than MVMCP … do you think there will be after hours for AK or early hours for any parks??
What does everyone think??

I think they release the hours day by day? I am tracking October 15-26 and each day this week I have gotten an email from TP with the new hours for the next day. I got 10/19 yesterday and expect 10/20 today so it will be a couple of weeks before they get to November hours.

I would not expect any DAH released anytime soon though until they know when the parks will reopen.

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I think they did just release EMM dates for Sept though. I was surprised to see it because I also thought they wouldn’t be making any releases like that until they know when they will be opening. I know you are asking about November…but just to give you a baseline. :slight_smile:

“Classically” park hours have been released month-by-month, six months in advance - with the caveat that they are subject to change up to and including the actual date. With what’s going on now, with no set reopening date, and no idea what will be going on once they are open, anyone’s guess is as good as any.

Of course
But in past years, has there typically been DAH other than MVMCP in November??

You can see what hours and events were last Nov here: . MK DAH were only on Nov. 18. AK DAH were on Nov 5, 13, and 19. November got chopped up with finishing up Halloween parties on the 1st, the Nov. 11 Veteran’s Day long weekend, and a late Thanksgiving week.

They happened, just not many times.

Historically, MVMCP has started the first week in November - basically as soon as they can change the decorations over from Halloween to Christmas. Can’t comment on DAH.