November Hours

Does anyone have a guess of when Universal will post their November hours?

Universal is really bad about when they publish their hours and then changing them again & again. In Pre-COVID times you couldn’t trust the hours until about 5 days before your trip.

Right now they are getting them out about 3 weeks in advance, but they have changed them multiple times. GL!

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I expect those hours to be added in late September and follow the 9-5 at USF, 10-6 at IOA model excluding weekends.

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There’s still the possibility that they will be closed on weekdays… right now the rumor is Monday & Tuesday will be closed.

There is no basis for this rumor.


ya’ they can’t close the park cuz they have resort guests. They are closing Volcano Bay two days a week though… that’s fact.

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There are two November days up for City Walk, one having them open until 2am. Is that a mistake or are they expanding their hours?

hmmmm if we use the theory that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet… I’d wait and gather more intel

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