November hours and lack of early morning specials

I’m not sure if I am elated or sad that there have been no offerings for EEMH or EMM at WDW for November. I’m shocked they’re not continuing what had to have been very lucrative offerings in EMM. I can see where EEMH was probably a flop from their standpoint.

Some of you seem to have so much more back-stage knowledge than I do. Does anyone have any insight into these early AM events?

We went November 2018 and from what I recall the dates for EMM in Fantasyland in MK were released fairly late. I wouldn’t despair quite yet. You might still have a chance.

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Thank you for sharing the history!!
Watch them be exactly in opposition to my currently planned days.

I have no insider info, but I suspect the at the end of the day, there will be either some EMM or EEMH in November. I think WDW wants to see what happens with crowd levels the first couple weeks of October before making a decision on EEMH. September is typically slower and then there was Dorian so it may hard for them to get a sense of what crowd levels will be like. For obvious reasons, it’s much easier for WDW to add hours, then to cut them so I think we are still own wait and see mode (though i can understand why it is frustrating for you and others going in November).

Back before April, I was keeping track of when Disney was offering DAH for AK during the same time period that we will be there in 2020. My hope was that they would repeat the same days of the week.

What surprised me, however, is that they didn’t announce those DAH events for AK until less than a month out, at which point they added the events for a few months.

So, it is still possibly they will add EMM or DAH events much closer to the dates.

I’ll be there in early November, and I’ve also been watching for EMM announcements as a clue to park hours. I agree with Dave, that they’re keeping their options open as we move into a busier time. I’m guessing that when they do the mid-October hours update we’ll either get more 8 am opens, a limited form of EEMH (fewer days and hours than now, but still more than normal), or EMM dates. Cynically, I can’t imagine Disney missing the opportunity for upcharge events without a good reason.