November - Epcot restaurants - trouble making ADRs?

We’re booked 11/14/15-11/20/15, and ADRs opened today - but there are nearly no openings. I was promptly online by 6 am, on the phone by 7 am - after 55 minutes on hold, I finally spoke with a cast member who seemed flat out baffled- the only open ADRs at 6 am were for Akershus, Coral Reef, Rose and Crown and Le Cellier - for the whole week. She thought maybe this has something to do with the Candlelight Processional package - which I don’t believe goes on sale until July…

I know there might be some possible issues with securing a BOG reservation, but I didn’t even stand a chance there.

Any ideas??

I don’t know but I was right there with you. I am thinking ADR Sniper for BOG. My husband wants me to do all the ones we missed, but I think I may et them when people start canceling the ones they don’t want.

I have the same dates as you and a similar experience. Was able to get 'Ohana, Chef Mickey’s, and even Be Our Guest, but the selection at Epcot was miserable - fortunate enough to get ADRs for our two days that weren’t completely horrible on times, but we wound up having to repeat restaurants from our last trip.

I think a lot of it has to do with Free Dining, but maybe the Processional packages have a lot of tables set aside. Odd, though, I thought the Processional didn’t even start until after Thanksgiving? I was assuming we’d miss that when we switched from early December to get Free Dining.

Did you get Epcot restaurants other than the ones I mentioned? There aren’t even lunch reservations available, so something just seems wrong. The Disney lady I spoke to on the phone seemed completely baffled too, and was theorizing it was because they were all Processional restaurants. I don’t know anything about the Processional dates though. I guess I will just keep hammering away in hopes that something was up - Disney’s site seems like it’s glitchy a large percentage of the time.

I got Coral Reef for a late lunch (1:30) on the 17th and Rose & Crown for a normal-ish dinner (7:10) on the 19th.

But you’re right, a shocking lack of ANY options at any other restaurant.

Also, just double-checked… CP dates don’t even start until Nov. 28.

Something really screwy going on with the system - I’d suggest keep checking because they’ll eventually fix it without notice or comment.

Biergarten seems to show up now. Hope other restaurants are to follow.

I had a lot of trouble making reservations for Nov. 22 online yesterday. It just kept giving me an error message. I called and got a reservation right away. I know you said that you called, but you may want to try again. It worked for me!

I think they are working on it now - Biergarten, Chefs de France and Marrakesh are showing up now. My kids wants Teppan Edo though, so I’m in standby mode for a bit longer :smile:

My 180+ day was roughly 2 weeks ago. I was on at exactly 6 AM. Was trying to get Biergarten for a Monday at 4 PM. The best I could do was 1:55. There was absolutely nothing later available. I’ve been checking everyday and the week I am going is a blackout week for free dining. I don’t understand it at all. I read somewhere else that the speculation is that Disney is holding back tables for “Eat to the Beat” packages during Food and Wine.

Yesterday was my 180 day mark and I ran into the same problem with WS restaurants. We planned to do Biergarten our last night November 21st but nothing. Tried other days and nothing. We grabbed BOG instead. Glad to know I wasn’t losing my mind at 6 am. Didn’t make sense that we could get Cinderella castle or BOG or other big ones but not Biergarten or even Nine Dragons.

Most of the Epcot restaurants have openings now! Still waiting on Teppan Edo to get fixed, but was able to make an 8:15 restoration for La Hacienda - hopefully we’ll get a fireworks view! :fireworks:

If anyone has any BOG dinner advice, I’m dying to hear it! Got lunch reservations, but really wanted to try dinner there.

Yeah, everything looks good now. I was able to book my top two choices at pretty much optimal times, and I cancelled the placeholder reservations I had made.

Now, all I need is to pounce the second they extend BOG breakfast to November and I’ll be all set with ADRs.

(whine ahead)

I don’t get it - how were you able to get BOG dinner reservations and I wasn’t? I was online and clicked for reservations at 6 am on the dot, tried every night for dinner, starting with the latest date. I’m feeling robbed here! I was able to get 2 lunch reservations on our last two days. I’m grateful for those, but c’mon!

Any insight on when BOG will open breakfast reservations? I’d love to hop on that too, especially since we got shut out for dinner!

On the off chance anyone decides to give up BOG reservations or wants to add four grateful strangers, let me know?! Looking for 11/18 ideally, but 11/14, 11/16, or 11/17 would also be great.

I’m still waiting on Teppan Edo - looks like all the other Epcot restaurants are back up except for Nine Dragons and Teppan Edo. Grrr.