November Dolphin Deals on Priceline Express

Some really nice Priceline Express deals in November, especially if cetacean-themed transitory domiciles are your thing.


The Dolphin (as in the hotel) is a fish. Just sayin’.

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The Dolphin hotel is themed after the dolphin fish (aka, mahi-mahi).


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Yes, yes. But herein lies the problem. The artists were creating sculptures of dolphins. But dolphins were, in fact, dolphinfish. Or, perhaps, they were actually using the dolphinfish as the presumed representation of what we typically just call a dolphin today.

Which means that the fish on the top of the Dolphin is modeled after artistry of the sculptures from hundreds of years ago which were called dolphins, but were actually dolphinfish.

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Fair enough!

Makes me think of the ideas behind Magritte’s Treachery of Images - in this case, is it a dolphin or some stylized yet incongruent rendition of historical creature from past ideas that evokes adventure and danger rather than the literal?

or maybe they thought it was cool.


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Also makes me think of this.

How did this thread go that way so fast?

It’s a thread about deals, isn’t it???


Oh. Wait. Lemme check.

Scrolls back. Scrolls forward again.

Yep. You’re right!

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This sums up the entire forum. :rofl:




Well this is interesting. Do I dump my Caribbean beach resort free upgrade (from all stars movies being closed) for the dolphin? I feel like it’s bad juju to mess with the upgrade gods that much for one trip! :thinking:

I’m sorry, I’m only answering “Dolphin vs. Fish” questions now. :smiley:

Actually, if it were me: I’d stick with CBR. We love it there, new food court is nice, pool is awesome, ambiance walking across bridge etc if my fav.

I’ve never stayed at Dolphin, but I suppose what might push me over is if walking to EP area resorts was a big plus for me.

BTW, Not to throw a wrench in it but last night some more Pop deals dropped on Hotwire in October (at least one was $80) and, crazily: CSR for $100 - but I haven’t had time to check where they start and end yet. Planning to hit it this morning if I can and get a blog post out ASAP.