November/December park hours /showtimes

Wondering if anyone know what time parks code lar week November early December. Trying to plan meal times so that we can HEA and illumination. I figure if Epcot closes st 9 a 7pm reservation would be to late in the park for dinner right cause the show is probably at 9/930? As for magic kingdom I’m asking about non-party nights. I can’t find any good table service available in magic kingdom so might have to do a 5pm meal out of par maybe at grand Floridian/poly. What u think

Are you looking for a dinner in Epcot other than a restaurant to view illumiNations? I think you would be ok with 7 but lots of dining do not seem to be open yet. Will you get a CP Package?

I think you would be safe with a 5 ADR at either GF or the Wave?

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Do u think a 5pm narcossees would give us enough time to eat and come back to watch HEA?

On a non party night, even a two hour dinner and 30 minutes back to MK (both will most likely take less time) you would be in MK by 7:30. That should be plenty of time.