November ADRs

Is it normal to have no availability for dining reservations for the week before Thanksgiving? We are going Nov 14-19 and I’m not finding any availability for any of the restaurants we were hoping to visit. (Tusker House and Ohana, for example.)

Our only other two trips were at the end of Feb/beginning of March so this time of year is new to us. We had no issues making ADRs during our last trips, even at the last minute.

Several people have mentioned having problems getting reservations in late November. I’m going Nov 11-18 and was able to get everything I wanted except CRT, but I did it first thing in the morning, right when the 180 day window opened up. Even then, I had to be flexible with meal times.
Try the reservation finder, people have been reporting great success with it. I think some people make a lot of reservations, then drop some as they get closer to their trips and finalize their plans. You may see some opening up as we get closer to November.

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Here’s the link to the reservation finder.

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I’m guessing that the combination of Pandora and ROL is making TH more difficult to get. I’m sure they have a lot of reservations blocked off for ROL dining packages (which I’ve heard go pretty quickly), and more people are staying in the park to see Pandora after dark, so there is a higher demand for dinner reservations. Not to mention that there are just more people in the park all day. I can’t speak to Ohana other than it’s a very popular ADR and they tend to go pretty quickly; you just might be “unlucky” on the date(s) you want…

I’m going the week after Thanksgiving and my ADRs are a mess. I wasn’t able to get much and we are only 3 people (yes, I tried for 4 too).
I have to be super flexible as my DD won’t have her work schedule till 2 weeks prior so it’s already going to drive me crazy not being able to plan like I normally do. I’m just adding her to plans and if she can join us great, if I have to cancel certain days I will. I did want a BOG dinner for my mom’s 80th bday and so far nothing for the week for any dinner time before 10pm. Hopefully reservation finder will come to my rescue, it’s been great in the past.

I’m going in mid-November and was having a hard time as well (couldn’t even get Via Napoli for dinner 180 days out). I thought I picked a slow week, but from the ADR issue it already seems like its going to be busier than usual.

I’m going the week after Thanksgiving (arrival 11/26) and found lots of places completely unavailable right at 180 days yesterday despite historically lower crowds, so I’m thinking there must be lots of slots blocked out for as-yet unannounced packages.

IIRC they didn’t open up any of the holiday packages until well after the 180-day mark the last time we went at the same time.

Keep in mind that the EP restaurants don’t finalize the ADRs until the CP issues are all worked out, so that may explain some of the lack of availability after Thanksgiving.

I’m so glad you posted this! I just set it up for Le Cellier the Monday after Thanksgiving and it notified me after a few hours AND I was able to secure the reservation! (I tried within the hour at 180, and every day since). Super useful tool!

What do you mean by “CP issues”?

Candlelight Processional Issues - scheduling the speakers etc. That may be gumming up the ADR works for all the restaurants that host Candlelight Processional meals which is a lot of them.

I think all the folks that got free dining the week of nov 13-19 and reserved all the ADR’S. I WAITING ON OHANA FOR NOV 15th

We have been trying to get Ohana for the 15th or 17th too! I am still holding out hope for a last minute ADR!

I hope you both have a reservation finder set up! And good luck :grinning:

I do. And have since last few months. Having DVC DAY WHICH IS going on nov 11th has filled up the place as well as free dining