November 6th Week Advice

Hi All,
We are doing MK on 11/6 and AK on 11/8. Given the crowd calendar shows lower levels if you all would recommend saving my FP’s till the afternoon?

I want do things like Seven Dwarfs, FOP, Navi River, Everest in the morning, and I’m wondering if the FP would really be needed?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


7 dwarves and FOP definitely much better with FP, not sure any are left at this point though. My advice is to check ASAP.

Thanks. I don’t think I can start booking FP till 10/6 though as I am not staying on property.

Oh right, that’s true. I think you will most likely not be able to get FOP so you might want to plan RD for AK. Others with more experience than me will weigh in I’m sure. Best of luck ! :slight_smile:

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I’ve got my fingers crossed. We went in early January of this year which has a higher crowd (based on the calculator at least) and 30 days out there were plenty of FOP FP’s left, so I’m hoping we can get one, but I’ll be checking 30 days out, lol.


Wow nice I thought it was impossible ! Good for you !!! :slight_smile:

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The first available FOP FPP for my days (predicted CL3-4) at end of October was on day 60+3 at 330 pm. There were none available before then for a party of 1. But with modifying, anything is possible–good luck.

I would book your FPP for the headliners that are must-dos at about 2, 3, and 4 hours after park opening. If you RD, you can get much more done in the morning before those FPP start including all the other headliners. Then you still have a possibility of getting same-day FPP after you use your first 3.

Thanks this info is very helpful. I think I might RD for FOP and then start my fastpasses after that. AK is supposed to be at a CC of ‘3’ on 11/8, so I would hope I could get through in a reasonable amount of time.

I’ll be at AK the very same day ! Hope we’ll have good weather and low crowds ! :slight_smile:


Totally! Enjoy your time.

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