November 3-9th Plan... Suggestions Please :)


The only reason I don't want to make my FPP's for Epcot that night it because I may only be there for 2.5hrs after our dinner at Boma. If Epcot was open later I would probably have done that. Maybe after using the three in the morning at AK I could snatch one up for the evening in Epcot. Thanks for the tips! We wont be doing many of the trails either... We live close to the National Zoo in DC (I think that would be hard to beat). Thinking about going to Flame Tree for lunch that day or our other AK morning. Sounds like we have similar plans...maybe we will run into you that day!


After you hit the 4 day mark for tickets, the incremental cost to add a day is almost noise. I guess it's around $16 a day now for park hoppers - think it used to be as low as $8 per person at some point when I was weighing the decision and invariably if I was in doubt, I'd add the day. Compared to the rest of the trip, that's nothing...


Check the new hours for Saturday the 5th at HS. They just added that last night. Not sure if that changes your plans at all. We'll be at the same emh's on Sunday, and Monday. I'm doing Monday afternoon at EP as well. RD on the Fri at MK too. Sheesh, we're doing Friday evening at HS as well - not for Fantasmic tho - SW Fireworks.

Great minds think alike?


Added another park day for MK on the 3rd!!! Thanks so so much! :smiley:


Well done, I think it's great that you are planning your family's trip. Agree with what others have been saying, only extra is your Boma ADR, can you chnage the time at all, maybe EP in the morning, hop to AK with FPP and end at Boma. Or drop Boma and go to the Mari QS at the AKL instead, you could do that for lunch and then hop to EP, picking up an ADR for EP instead. Not sure if it's Boma or the AKL you want to see/try.


We have a friend that loved Boma and highly recommended it. We really want to go there. I also really wanted to use the EMH at AK that morning. AK is one of our favorite parks and last time we did EMH there we did almost everything in a half day. Epcot is a little lower on the list for us (Sorry! I know that is a favorite for most). Thank you for your suggestion!


Hey HakunaM -
I'm noticing something else with Dis changing their hours (sorry, I'm actually having fun with monitoring and planning this stuff - I've given up on getting frustrated, and just having fun with it now.) Let's just say that I wouldn't be surprised if they change the Hours for MK on Friday the 4th, and they add an am EMH. I'm watching how they are changing hours, and in noticing that plenty of the EMH hours are matching October i.e. Monday am AK, Thu Am at EP, Friday pm at HS, Sun Am at HS. I've noticed that they added Fri am EMH for MK in October. I noticed that they changed the EMH of November 2nd thru Nov 8th (my trip) to match October hours, but it seems they are doing it slowly. After my trip dates, I see the EMH hours that my trip dates USED to have. Keep an eye out for MK am EMH on Fri Nov 4th. You'll see what I mean if you look at the MDE calendar for October Fridays, and if you roll up and through to November weeks after your stay. You'll see the EMH that were scheduled on your stay before they changed them. Hope that made sense. If you look at the EMH for all of October, you'll see the pattern. If they did change emh at MK that Friday, I'll be thrilled. We are early risers. Love to get a bunch of stuff in in the am and then chill at the pool mid-day and have a lunch feast.


I'll be pi$$ed if they do. I have a pre-RD ADR at MK that will cease to be so, and I will drop it like a hot rock if it goes EMH.


Another thought on the EMH for MK in October/November. They're at 7am on Fridays because of the party in the evening, when MK is closed. There's no party the week of 11/4, as the Halloween party is over, and the Christmas party hasn't started. Fingers crossed there will NOT be an EMH that Friday am (also, there are very late EMH on Saturday 11/5, which is NOT the pattern for October, either).


AH - very good thoughts. I've been watching hours change and just making assumptions based on the previous month. Didn't take the Halloween party into consideration at all. I've just been noticing that they've been changing the November emh hours pattern to be almost identical to October. Friday November 4 curiously has NO EMH for MK, yet the Friday AFTER does. And that whole week after has the same EMH as the week that includes Friday the 4th USED to have. Almost like they just haven't updated the week with Friday the 11th yet, and they're still tinkering with the week that includes Friday the 4th. You may very well be correct about the Halloween party tho - great idea on what they're doing. I bet you are correct.


We had Ohana at 8:15 at it worked out perfectly that the fireworks were starting as we were winding down on the eating. If Wishes is scheduled for 10pm I would stick with your 8:20! I absolutely loved the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat. One note: We were right on time for our ADR and it did take about 30 minutes to seat us, so if you're concerned about it taking longer to seat and potentially missing that great setup for 10pm Wishes, maybe show up a little early and let them know you're ready and waiting.


I believe Wishes is scheduled for 9pm that night. If it was 10 that would be awesome. Maybe if I'm lucky they will add another show. Thank you! What are the chances of getting a window seat to see the show? I've never eaten there before and don't really understand they layout of the restaurant.


Ok, if Wishes is at 9pm then yes, keep trying to find a little bit earlier! Pixie dust for you! We only went once but if my memory serves me correctly there were plenty of window tables and we lucked into the corner one that's closest to the castle without asking. You can always ask for a window table when you check-in. Also,people(mostly kids) walked up to the windows in the spaces between tables as the music started.


Aww thank you! My fingers are crossed with the reservation finder. It got me 1900 last week so I'm feeling lucky. I don't mind if children come up to the window if we are near it. We can squeeze in as many heads in as we can. I just don't think someone would appreciate my 22year old self jumping in haha.


Lol, well best of luck for you and your family and great job taking on all the planning! Looks like you've got a great family vacation ahead of you and I hope we get to hear back in a trip report how it all goes!!!


Thank you so much! :smiley:


Hakuna, great job and how wonderful to take it upon yourself all this. I think you have a wonderful plan at hand.
One concern, which I think has already been mentioned, but I wanted to weigh in on it as well: leaving a park (from last ride to exit), moving between parks and resorts, etc, takes a lot more time than one usually estimates. November weather is mild, and you are all adults (or almost there), so you can handle full park days.
Consider moving leisurely from one park to another, doing some shopping on the way out, take photos (have you bought a memory maker so that all the family can pose together?; don't forget to ask the photographers for magic shots!), instead of going all the way back to the resort for a very short break. For a break back to the hotel to be worth it you should estimate 4 hours minimum intervals.
I wish you all the best and really let us know how it goes


Thank you! Now I'm aware we will need more time. Right after our last FPP in the morning we are planning to head back. We are just scared if we don't take breaks we will be grumpy by the end of our trip. Even an hour nap will help us out. We like our naps lol.
Yes! We do have a memory maker and I am so excited to see all of the fun pictures we


I have a daughter your age and that is maybe the reason I am extra appreciative of your effort.
One last piece of advise. Plans are tourplans are great and help avoid losing time and creating aggrevation. However, as much as you plan, real life turns out different (Murfy's law). Maintain flexibility and do not tell/imply to your family that diverting from the plan is a mistake or a disrespect to your efforts. Use the plan as guideline. If you lag behind, skip a step or just improvise for a while and pick up on the plan later. Never forget that the whole point of a WDW vacation is to have fun and enjoy one another. Many wishes for a successful stay.


Aww thank you! I have been planning this trip since March and I am starting to feel crazy lol.
It started with my sister and I just going to Disney. When we found out our parents were not taking a vacation this year we invited them along with us. So since I already started planning it just kept going.
I made up a few TP's to try out and if we don't like it we just wont use them.
Thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it!