November 2021 trip - normality?

Going to Disney with a group of 10. What do you all think are the chances of fireworks, meal plans and characters M&G to be back by then?

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My guess is not quite back to normal on those things by then. We are a group of 10 going next week. Disney is asking groups of 10 or more to separate into smaller groups in lines as well as dining.

We are going to DW the week after Thanksgiving this year. I think as the year moves along, more and more things will get back to normal in the parks. What ultimately comes back and when, I’m not really sure. But I think things will look a lot different in November 2021 than it does now.

I hope it will be, but I’m not expecting it. Disney has said on more than one occasion that they expect a lot of distancing and COVID protocols to be in place until 2022.

I wonder if part of their calculation is the approval/availability of COVID vaccines for kids.

I know I’m nervous about the likely time gap between all (willing) adults being vaccinated and thinking things should get back to normal and kids not being able to be vaccinated. Especially teens, who are not known for their wise decision making and whose infection/transmission rates are a lot closer to adults than younger kids.

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