November 2018 Memory Maker Share

That’ great! It’s getting so close before you know it they’ll be shipping magic bands.

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@stu1901 Are you still up for leading?

I can lead yes, if everyone PMs me their name on Facebook I can create a group. If I buy the memory maker, I’ll set a deadline of probably Sunday night for payment via PayPal!


Awesome! What is your FB name? Or how do we PM you on FB?

Remind me of the process, here… We need to be Friends in MDE, right? And facebook is just for better communication?
How much is MM per person? There’s 7 families here, yes? So $169/7 = $24.15… to make it easy, we could make it an even $25 (or up to $28) and “subsidize” @stu1901 as a thank-you for running this.

What else?

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Yes, when I have lead a share in the past we used a private Facebook to communicate.
What I meant is PM me your Facebook name on here and then I can make a group!

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When you send invites, can you include @LAM4764?

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@emcglone - Thanks so much for including our family!!

@stu1901 I sent you a PM (I think…) with my FB name and email. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it. Thanks!

@stu1901 Did you get my PM? Should I send my email as well? Thanks!

I sent a private message. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it.

Sorry, going through PMs now!

And i just checked, I need your emails to add you to the group! Will add those with emails now!

I had joined the FB page yesterday but today I am getting a message that the page cannot be found. Did the link to the FB page change?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

It is still there! You are still there i believe!

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@stu1901 - You are right. I am still there. It wasn’t working on my phone but it is from my computer. Thanks!!

I just sent my email.

Just want to check in with everyone… are you all in a Facebook group? I haven’t seen an invite come through @stu1901. Maybe it’s my facebook, though? I don’t use it all that much.

Did you send @stu1901 a private message (from here on the board) including your email and facebook name? Then I think you will see an invite on your FB page. I even got an email notification that I had an invite pending on FB.

Hey I sent invites to everyone who provided me with their email. Send your email again and I’ll try again

Just sent you another private message @stu1901
Let me know if something doesn’t seem right…

Sent it again