November 2018 Memory Maker Share

Is anyone doing a memory maker share for November 2018? I’m going to Animal Kingdom for just one day and would love to jump in on someone’s share! I would set it up but I don’t really know how.

Bump :slight_smile:

We are doing a short trip Dec 2-4, and I was wondering about a share. I did one last year and it worked out well but it was for a longer trip.

@Susantpt, I saw that you had reached out for a share on another thread. Did you join with them, or are you still looking for people?

I’m going Dec 1-3. Anyone have room for a share?

I’m going 11/28-12/3 and also looking for a share.

I’m there Dec 4-7 and would like to join a share. I’ve never done this nor know how to organize but I think I can find a previous post that details how to do it. I will let everyone know if I have luck.

If you decide to make a share I’d love to join.

I’m still interested. Kjsprouse, I would be happy to let you lead. :slight_smile:


I am going 22/11-05/12 and would love to join a share. I don’t mind leading either.


I’m still interested as well @Disney_Denise @kjsprouse @blauritsen @stu1901

I’ll keep checking back to see if the other parties respond. I’m still in, and am happy to let someone else lead, whoever is willing.

We want to join a Memory Maker group. Me and my wife will be at WDW Nov.24-Dec.4. November 25-Dec.3 are park days.


We would like to join the MM share group. We will be at WDW Nov.24-Dec.4

If you would like to lead a share then have at it! I haven’t been in a share before and am still trying to find time to figure out how to do it. If there is room in the group I would love to join. Thanks!

We’re going Dec 7 to 12… would that be too late for this share? (And could we join in with you all?)

So, if everyone is still interested, that would give us 7 in the share: 1) @Disney_Denise, 2) @looking.for.sunshine, 3) @kjsprouse, 4) @stu1901, 5) @bisip, 6) @emcglone, and 7) me (@blauritsen).
It looks like our dates would be November 22 to December 12.
@Stu1901, are you still willing to lead? Should we start organizing?


hey, my FPP day is on Monday! Yay!!

That probably means you all have just finished yours. yes? How’d it go? Do I have any hope of SDD on my 60+1 day?

I couldn’t get SDD or FOP. But I wasn’t willing to switch my days around either. I hope you got everything you wanted this morning!

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Not terrible this morning. I didn’t get SDD, but I did get a morning FOP. I think I only got the times I really wanted for one day, but I’ll spend some time adjusting my plans and we’ll be fine.
Now I’m getting REALLY excited to go!