November 2017 park hours?

What’s with the park hours for early November 2017? 9-9 or so each day, with no show times listed. I’m supposed to be making ADRs on Monday. It’s going to be very difficult to make plans if we don’t know what’s going in the parks each night. Do you think they will be updated? Any tips/or info based on past trends? Thanks!

Most likely they will not be final until October. This is why many of us double up on so many ADRs. My last trip I booked an 8:00am BOG on two days and a 9:45 just in case MK opened at 8. I will also make a 5:30 and a 6:30 dinner ADR at two different places for I have flexibility.

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Not helpful at all, but I am making ADRs on Tuesday and am having the same concerns. I hope it works out for you!