November 2015 trip - holiday need to knows?

Our trip is 11/10-19. Saw a post by @bswan26 about MK on MVMCP days, people being herded out around 6:15 PM … which changed my TP. Makes me wonder what else I need to know. Any other holiday need to knows is deeply appreciated.

Hi, I am there 11/10 - 11/14. 3 of my 4 nights are MVMCP. I plan to attend the first night. F & W is also happening. My first ADR is lunch time so I don’t have to stop to eat during the party. Osborne lights will be on at HS. CP performance was not listed last tome I checked. NPH draws a big crowd for his performance. Hubby is going with me and I will probably do a more leisurely trip. Make ti.e to tour the deluxe resorts to see the Chrisk master decorators.

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We were there about that same week last November; we pulled the kids from school and squoze the trip in between days school was closed for Veteran’s Day and a couple of half administrative days.

Vet’s Day last year was Tuesday- if I’m correct, TP originally estimated the day as a 5, might have gone up to 6 as we got closer.

I think you’ll find it useful to know that while the TP wait times were still fairly close, the number of people in the park was much higher than I expected, especially after 11AM. (Probably lots of locals due to holiday.)
That density really slowed us down a few times, affecting our ability to keep on the touring plan. Also made finding a good spot for fireworks and getting to parade (because we were behind) much harder.

If I were making the same plan this year, I’d leave more time for walking and start looking for spots to stand for shows 30-45 minutes earlier than we did.

That being said, we were back in MK that Thursday and it had much lighter crowds.

@gabmom Do you mean Neil Patrick Harris? Isn’t that at Disneyland?


@jjt Our plan is to do morning AK and evening Epcot on Veterans Day. Hope Epcot won’t be super crowded.

EPCOT can definitely absorb a lot of humans, and it did seem to take time for the MK crowd to build, I’d assume that’s the case in general, thus also at AK. So your plan sounds like a good one to me!

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