Nov 8, MK Hours Changed

I stumbled upon this by accident today seeing if their were new fast passes available for 7DMT on November 8, and it allowed me to choose 8:25 AM (of course I took them :smile:). I then checked the park hours and noticed MK would be open that day beginning at 8am instead of 9am. This must be a very recent change.

So naturally I wanted to update my touring plan for that day, but it wont let me set 8am as the start time because it still says the park opens at 9am. I assume that this new time just hasn’t been noticed yet. So I guess this is just a heads up so this can get changed. Hopefully soon so I can get my plan updated before we get there.


I found a way to do it just by playing :smile:

  • Open your touring plan.
  • click on the edit button
  • Change the date by 1 day either way
  • Just change it back to your date and the new hours will show
  • Now you can save it and make any updates you need to :blush: :+1: