Nov 2/ No FP's for Mine Train

Trying to book this morning and no FP’s for Mine Train all day on November 2. All other days are open.
Is it going to be totally packed on Nov. 2nd? The Crowd Calendars say no.
Any Thoughts?
Should I switch HS to Nov 2 and do MK on the 3rd?
All suggestions are welcome.

How many days into your trip is that? I will be there during that time, but window doesn’t open yet. I know there is a limit to the length of days out in your trip you can book FP. Are there other FP available though?

Everything is open on all days from October 24 through Nov, 4. Just not the Mine Train on Nov 2. Strange

That is weird. Was it available on the 3rd and 4th? Just wondering if it may be going down for a brief refurb or something.

11/2 isn’t a MK day for me anyway, but the 3rd is.

Yes all day is available on both days

That is strange, I wonder why that day? Anyone know if it has a brief one day closure?

Do you find that the 3rd would be a better day to visit or is that just how your trip is planned?

How many people are in your party?


then maybe there just aren’t 7 available at the same time. have you tried looking for a smaller number of people and trying to get overlapping times?

According to the FastPass+ Availability tracker, at 1:38 this morning, there were none for even a single rider ( ).

Does that mean the Day at MK is going to be packed? Should I switch days? Would Thursday the 3rd be better?
Any help is appreciated.

My impression is they reduce the number of FP+'s for rides on days of lower attendance so the same rough proportion of FP to standby is maintained. I would trust the Crowd Calendar and go for the lower rated MK day and stick with it as it will be better overall…

IMO, you definitely want an FP for mine train, the line gets so crazy no matter the CL. I think it’s a priority thing, whether it’s more important to have a lower-crowd day at MK or ride 7dmt. If 7dmt is a must-do for you, then I’d plan to be in MK for a day when you can get an FP. I would also caution that CLs can be, and often are, revised upwards. So I had an entire trip booked expecting 3-5s and got 6-8s. I’m somewhat hesitant about making plans based on CLs.

Because this is a day I’ll be there, I was curious. I can’t book yet, but checked out touringplans FP+ availabilty listings for all 4 parks for 11/2.

In Epcot, there are no FP for Frozen Ever After for 11/2 (although there are still for 11/1), in HS there are no FP for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (although, this one didn’t quite fit the pattern, as there were not FPs for RR for 11/1 - 10/30, but there were on 10/29), and nothing seemed off in AK about 11/2.

So, no idea what this means, but seems odd that FEA and RR are sort of in the same boat. I could see FEA running out of FP, but seems odd it would do so on 11/2 and not for the day before, as with 7DMT.

Hmmm. It’s a mystery.

Mine Train FP’s are now available for November 2nd. Awesome!!!

Hmm should be closed until 11/19. See link

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, not Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Lol. I see mine train and think btmrr. I should know better. Thx.