Nothing like a good British pub

I was disappointed today with the Rose and Crown pub at EPCOT. The music was too noisy to even hear the person beside you, at 5.30pm the atmosphere was rowdy and disorderly, not a good family environment. Our waitress was very helpful but portions were certainly not generous, and the menu limited. This pub does not reflect a good british pub, but rather one which you might avoid if you lived in the area. The availability of only one ladies loo was also very disappointing but a very realistic representation of many british pubs, I wonder whether this was deliberate or just bad planning? Wouldn’t recommend or go back :frowning:

Up front I’ll say I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting England, so I have little to compare it to. You must have been in the pub side; the dining room was not noisy at all. But I agree about the portion sizes (although I found the quality to be OK, if not really great). Although too large to be a classic “pub” I like both the food and atmosphere at Raglan Road MUCH better. But I must confess that my roots lie on the Celtic side of things…

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From your description, it shoulds like you had a pretty authentic London pub experience. The major difference is that the R&C was probably a lot cleaner and definitely more family friendly.


Sorry you didn’t enjoy it. Thanks for the review!