Nothing but rain 😩


We are 3 days out and he forecast looks like rain ever day. I know it is not likely to be all day rain every day, but still Lois pretty wet :tired_face:
What's the likelihood that the forecast will change in the next few days? And as a plan B....what is your best rainypark day advice?


Don't panic. There's almost always a chance of rain there. It rarely lasts long. Buy yourself some cheepo ponchos from the $1 store before you leave and keep them with you while in the parks. Only a handful of rides will close during rain, but they are things you wouldn't want to ride in the rain anyway.

Don't let the forecast change your plans. Just adjust your touring plan as needed while in the park. Hopefully you have your touring plans already set up. Just make sure to know how to use it on the Lines app so you can change or re-optimize your plan if/when needed.


We were in the same boat first week in October. Forecast had 60% chance of rain every day. The good news was it didn't rain every day :slight_smile: When it did rain it was normally in the early afternoon. We made sure to go to the parks early and then take an afternoon "break" then went back around dinner time. No issues! We also made sure to bring our ponchos/long rain coats and water proof shoes just in case! Try the newspaper hack to dry your wet shoes. They dry over night :slight_smile:


If you have a kid in a stroller, don't forget the stroller cover. And practice putting on that cover if you don't use it frequently. We wore Tevas on days when the morning forecast predicted more than 50% chance of rain. Our feet stayed comfortable and dried quickly.


I can't promise you that you won't get drenched. What I can say is that, my past two trips, the 5 day forecast was similarly pessimistic (both times). Trip One, it only rained on one of our park days, and only briefly. Trip Two, the only water that touched me the whole week was from my morning shower and Splash Mountain.


This is exactly what I needed to hear :blush:
We will hope for the best. We are a family of 6 and we don't have waterproof purchase those for everyone would be costly. We do each have a second pair of shoes and a pair of sandals too, so I think we'll be ok. What is the newspaper trick though if we do get soaked! Do tell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well.....I forgot my dollar ponchos on a previous trip and got stuck paying $60 for Disney ponchos. That was hard to take at the time, but now we have them and you better believe they come with us for each trip!


We will be going for our first trip in December, however we are DL vets! I am not sure about WDW, but at DL it is awesome when it rains! The park clears out, especially at night. I remember we took my sisters kids back to the hotel and had them stay with my Mom, then went back and literally ran from ride to ride and had no wait. Hands down the best Disney experience in a park I have ever had!


Put newspaper in your wet shoes overnight to help dry them (I basically shoved a lot of newspaper in the shoe). I have tried drying sneakers with and without newspaper. I was amazed how much the paper helped.


I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessively checking the weather for next week/worrying about all of those days of thunderstorms. So much for good late October weather!!


I know :persevere:
We take the kids out of school to go but n the cto era because the weather is so good and the crowds are low as well. This is the last year we can pull them out though because my older two will be in jr high and high school. Really hoping for some good weather days.


Second this! But leave a small "tail" of newspaper out of the a candle wick. Helps wick the water out even faster. Dry shoes in the morning!


We brought dollar store ponchos for our rain forecasted trip (9/30-10-5). A couple ripped first day -threw away, and the remainder we used as a DIY dbl. stroller cover. They did manage to keep the seat dry when the wind didnt blow them loose. Ended up buying 1 $10 DW poncho. It got a small rip putting it on at the store. I was annoyed until the friendly CM told me to KEEP YOU RECEIPT WITH YOU! They will exchange it any/every time it rips. Bought another adult and one child (fit way better than a tied up dollar store poncho. Worth the extra money unless your really trying to pinch pennies. Hoping I can bring them back future years, but I’m not banking on it!


Our forecast changed daily and hourly. My advise is go to parks like normall. Bring dollar store ponchos but don’t be afraid to try out the $10 DW ones with that warranty. Check forecast each night and morning and watch radar throughout the day. Try to change fastpasses to inside rides during rain when available. Crowds were slightly lower when morning rain was in sight.


I also obsessively checked the forecast before and during my September trip. The forecast changed all the time. I would check at night and see 60% of rain for the next day. It might be 20% when I woke up.

Nice side effects of rain -- it cooled off the pavement, seemed to lessen the humidity for a while, and large crowds of people gathered under overhangs while we walked around in ponchos.


Take news papers and stuff them in your shoes at the end of the day. The newspaper helps dry the shoes out quickly!!


Re the water shoes: I always bring the a pair of flip flops and put them in my backpack. If it starts raining (or water rides), I just switch into flips flops. When the rain is over, I switch back to the other shoes.


Well the forecast may have looked awful but we just returned from the most wonderful vacation with some of the very best Florida weather. It only sprinkled twice, very short periods, not likely not enough to disrupt any of our plans. I guess you can't trust the weather forecast after all :slight_smile:


We were there beginning of Oct and forecast was rain every day. The days that had a slight drizzle were very comfortable. The one completely sunny day was super hot (fitting though since we were ar AK that day!). The one time I took my dollar store ponchos out of my pack, it poured! We were in HS and bought umbrellas that we gave up using as we dashed from one awning to the next. My kids say it was one of their top favorite parts of the trip :wink:


That's Florida for you!