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It sounds much more relaxing than your old plan.

Yes, there’s less park hopping. It’s pretty much one day, one park.

I think the AK day may be challenging. In order to fit my schedule I booked the 1.15pm WAT — so it may be very hot and I hear it’s quite tiring.

I was excited when I realised I could squeeze in WL — I really want to see it.

It’s helped that I know I’m coming back in 2019, when my focus will be much more Epcot — Boardwalk — BC/YC — DHS. So my plan is light on those areas, and heavy on MK, AK and monorail resorts.


I didn’t think Boma was open for lunch, but we loved dinner there, solid choice.

My mistake. I meant breakfast.

Oh we haven’t done breakfast, I’d like to find a way to work it in. Maybe a late breakfast after rope dropping FoP would work.

I have to ask: what time is Boma and what time is the Wild Africa Trek? The trek includes a meal?

10.45am Boma
1.15pm WAT

WAT is three hours with the meal somewhere in the middle. From what I’ve seen, it’s more of a large snack. Perhaps @OBNurseNH will confirm?


Let’s be real though. Those plans didn’t stand a chance. Neither do these new ones. Once you’re in range of your trip some things will probably stick.


Yeah, you’re wrong. I’ve nailed it. Done my TPs for each day and it’s a thing of beauty. Nothing can go wrong.



What am I confirming?

How big the meal is on the Wild Africa Tour.

Also, what time did you do it?

Also, was it muddy anywhere?

Also, would regular sneakers be OK?

The meal was a good sized snack or a small breakfast/lunch. I ate all of mine and took some things from my kiddos that they weren’t going to eat, but I also gave them my pita breads so it probably was an even trade, really. I did not feel the need to have lunch after though I did eat my daughter’s side salad that she got with some pizza at Pizzafari a short time later. I would have been sustained, basically, for a couple of hours. I did not feel full, just not hungry - does that make sense? I hadn’t had breakfast prior to and did feel pretty hungry by the time in the tour when we ate which was around the 2 hours mark (so about 1000 for the 0800 tour)

We did the first tour at 0800. I felt this was perfect as it was not overly warm throughout the tour; I would imagine it could feel quite hot later in the day. Although you spend a good amount of time under shade of trees, on the truck, and while dining.

It wasn’t muddy, per se, but the ground was damp. I would call it for sure a light hike, more than just a walk.

I wore regular sneakers. They were fine :slight_smile:


Hah, you weren’t paying attention, were you? :wink:

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That will have you leaving Boma within an hour and going directly to WAT? I am afraid you will not be able to “trek” in a food coma.

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Oh I see now what I was being asked to confirm, in terms of timeline.

It might be okay. The bigger issue is, as you say, feeling so very full after Boma. The tiffin of snacks is a sampler, and one could pick and not feel obligated to consume all.

But do eat the flower :slight_smile: If there are flowers that you can eat, always eat them :slight_smile:

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As I said in my overemotional post during my birthday trip, I’m going to be careful about what and how much I eat. I’m not planning on getting stuffed at Boma. But each day I’m having breakfast on property somewhere — partly as an excuse to visit the hotels — as a start to my day. With a 10.45am breakfast, I figure I won’t be eating again till, say, 2.30pm. And I think Disney oversells how arduous the Trek actually is.

I would like the record to reflect that @OBNurseNH can take the blame/credit* for the massive change in my plans. I’m extremely pleased with the changes I’ve made. I think I’m making much better use of my time — and dollars!

*delete as applicable

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RE: not overeating, that’s a good plan. I always enjoy breakfast out. We don’t do a lot of them because they are so early but we always do at least a couple. Something to be said for someone preparing your first meal of the day!

Your timeline should be about right in terms of when you expect you’d be eating. It might even be a little closer to 2:45.

Well I am honored to have so directly impacted your planning. I hope you will not be disappointed, because I’m surely not taking blame for that :wink:


If you didn’t want to risk my disappointment at the WAT, you shouldn’t have posted photographs of it. It was obvious I would see them and completely restructure my schedule. I’m very suggestible.

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