Not your typical “When to go...” Post

DH has finally agreed to upgrade to AP’s during our trip in June. My question is: what other times of the year should we go. I teach so long weekends or breaks are when we could go.

We’ve done MVMCP twice so that isn’t high on our radar this year.

Columbus Day weekend would probably be a good option.

When you’re limited to school breaks, there’s never a perfect time, but October should at least get you Halloween décor, Food & Wine, and somewhat lower crowds than most of the usual 3-day weekends.

We used to go almost every year over Columbus Day weekend because of the kids fall break. The last time we went it was crazy crowded. October is becoming a more popular time to visit. It might sound strange but Labor Day weekend tends to be less crowded than Columbus Day weekend. Of course, it’s insanely hot still in September.