Not tapping in - a/k/a making my HS plan work for me

This is my TP for HS on 11/13. I’m pretty pleased with it, but have a few questions.

Right now my FPP are as follows:
RNRC 9.55-10.55
Frozen 12.00
BATB 1.30

The plan is not using my BATB FPP. I had had a ST FPP that it also was not using, so I at least changed that to match the suggestion for the timing of Frozen.

I’m not sure what I should do if anything. I’d like to use up my FPP early to perhaps grab another spin on RNRC or even AS$ at some point.

This has been optimized and evaluated a few times and it usually comes back to an almost exactly the same plan.

Should I make a wasted FPP in between these FPP? Like a VOTLM or Disney Jr. thing?

The Woody’s lunch box thing at the beginning is just to demonstrated RD effort.
Catalina Eddies is just a place holder for lunch. We are actually one of those pitiable groups that plans to pack a lunch for this day. We will eat any legal place that we are whenever we are hungry. (We decided to pack lunches three park days so we could buy more fun themed snacks and junk food.)

If we leave it just this way I think we will have a fine time. Somehow HS has gone from a 6 to a 4 to a 3 since I first started tracking. (And to think my initial post on this board almost a year ago was out of fear of what SWGE might do to HS…)

I feel like I am wasting a huge part of my mid-day with this plan with two shows back to back and the plan having me queue so early… thoughts?

You just got the BATB FP to use up your 3, right? Yes, I try to grab whatever I could in the 11am window to discharge that third FP and move on to FP+.

I know there are mixed reports on the need to tap in. It didn’t work for me last year so I am very cautious. I snagged a throw away FP in a geographically desirable location so we could tap and go (elsewhere).

Looking at your plan I think you’ll have some decent flexibility. I wouldn’t worry about it too much and plan to optimize once in the park. You may get lucky and find that Smugglers Run isn’t too much of a wait. If so I’d move that up and save the shows for later in the day (just being cautious about last showtimes).

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One of my close friends just came back. He discovered what I thought was “genius”. I call it the “Muppets Double Tap”. Make one of your scheduled FPPs MuppetVision. Tap into the show - see it or not - then modify another one of your later Tier 2 FPP into MuppetVision to your current time and tap in - not seeing it. (Getting a same day Muppets is very easy.)

Boom! You’re done. He had both of his Tier 2 done within the first 30 minutes of park open and then did his scheduled Tier 1 ToT. By 10:45am he was getting Tier 1 FPP the rest of the day.


You (usually) can’t repeat an FP as one of your initial 3.

I think your friend was very lucky if he was able to do that.


Can you move that BatB FP up to the 11:00 show?. That way you don’t have to wait for your 1:30 FP to fall off. Also, since you’ve scheduled yourself to actually be at the 11am show, you can physically tap in for it, and you won’t run the risk of that FP not falling off.

As far as I can see from other sites as of sometime around May of this year, FPs are typically not falling off when expired if they are after your tier1 FP. Many WDW veterans have been reporting similar experiences.

I would advise anyone to use the tap and run method rather than hoping they just disappear after they expire. Otherwise you could find yourself having to modify that to another tier2 and tapping in to get rid of it.


She won’t be able to do that in advance. The FP for the 11am show will probably be something like 10:40 to 11:00am, which will overlap with RnR.

On the day they should be able to do that though.

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I can’t get a FPP for 11AM. :frowning:

See my reply above, there’s an overlap stopping you.

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So maybe after I ride RNRC try to move BATB up?



Maybe I could move RNRC up now…
When would I need to be clear by to get BATB earlier?

Didn’t you say in another thread you don’t use TP. Thank you for looking and helping with mine!

You can’t schedule a duplicate attraction, but once you’ve used your scheduled Muppets you can modify a different scheduled FPP into a Muppets.

The system doesn’t see it as a duplicate since it’s already been used.


Oh, I use TPs to plan the parks and see how long it thinks things will take.

It’s just they look like this (and always only evaluated):

Peter Pan (FP). - cos we don’t rope drop!
Under the Sea
Break (45 mins) - walk around NFL, watch Gaston
Dumbo (FP)
Break (45 mins) - go to wishing well, look for Step Sisters, Sword in stone



9:30, BatB is 10:30 to 10:50


Oops, sorry.

I think you’ll need to move the FP no later than 9:40 - 10:40

Bit I’ve forgotten when you’re going to ride, just after 10am?

Edit: by 10:30 then, thanks @alicescarpa

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If there is any tier 1 you wish to do with FP available at 9:30am or before I would do that, BatB 10:30am and Frozen.

New tiers made touring on DHS very easy for people who finish their FPs early. I got FPs for everything but SDD with 5 minutes of modifying (all for use now-ish). SDD did require some effort, I only got that one once, while searching for TSM.

How many FP getters will you have on your party? I was in a group of 13, each person looking for a party of 1 or 2 and we had a lot of success with overlapping FP windows.


You could book VOTLM at 12:10 which you could at least tap into right after seeing Frozen.

Or, if you do the Modify option after tapping into RNRC you should be able to modify something into the window before your Frozen at 12noon. I’m seeing VOTLM at 9:40am and 10:55am, so you could use your RNRC FPP, modify the third to 9:40 or 10:55, tap in there, tap in to Frozen at noon, and start hunting for more Tier 1s!

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Think this is it! Thank you.


Weird question time: what’s the symbol bottom right of the shows?

(waits for someone to tell me it means a show)