"Not tall enough" cards

When we were at MK in Feb, DS4 was about a half inch shy of 44". He was really excited to ride SM and was a little crushed when they turned him away. So, the CM gave him this. Is it good for anything; i.e. does it function like a FPP or is it just a souvenir. We’ll be back at the end of this month and am wondering if we might try to use it since he went through a little growth spurt all of the sudden.


I believe this works like an anytime FPP for Space Mountain


@OBNurseNH Thanks! That would be great if that’s the case, cuz I didn’t want to waste a reserved FPP on SM in the event he still isn’t tall enough!


That is such a sweet thing to do. So kind.


Oooh, thank you - you’ve just reminded me that we have a couple of these for Primeval Whirl. DD5 has been obsessed with this ride since she was 3, and I think she may finally be tall enough to go on it…!


Ugh Primeval Hurl.

I ride it so my hubby doesn’t have to. DS loves it!


I’m a fan. DH not so much - he went on it once not long after it opened and has never been back on it since. :joy:

Saw a rumor that PW was going to be replaced by a new excavation coaster…

That was doing the rounds a year and a half ago. Not to say it isn’t on the cards again, but it’s been a while since I saw anything suggesting it is imminent.

@Welsh_Dragon I know. After we started walking away, I think the CM could tell by DS4’s body language that he was defeated. He came running after us and handed us the card. All he talked about before the trip was space mountain. I tried to downplay it knowing he was under the height requirement. I figured we’d try when we were there, just so that I wouldn’t be the bad guy!

@lecras that’s awesome she was interested at 3. Primeval whirl and haunted mansion are the 2 rides DS4 has told me he does NOT want to ride. Lol. It makes me wonder though if we should just go up to every ride I know he’s too short to ride just to collect these cards for the future.

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