Not sure about Personalized Touring Plans

I’ve created my own touring plans for each park for the week of May 25 - 29th, 2015. All the crowd calendars on touring plans and other sites say crowds will be between a 6 and 9 and to expect long waits 30 min. to an hour. On my plans, however, the waits are not long at all. Some even 5 - 10 minutes. Is this accurate??? It seems very contradictory.

It depends on the attractions you’ve selected for the plan and when you’re planning to arrive at the park. If you arrive for “rope drop”, use FastPass+, and have a good touring plan, then you should have few, if any, long waits. If you want to share any of your plans here, then there are usually folks who can check what is being forecast with their experience in the parks.

Yes, they are probably accurate. That is the whole point of an Optimized PTP - it is putting things in the most efficient order so that you are doing the “long wait” atractions at the times where their waits are lowest and “short wait” attractions during the busiest park times. Even at CL 10, there still are atractions that you can get on with little or no wait while everyone else it standing in line for the others.

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Trust the touring plan! Recommend if you use a PTP, that you also load the ‘Lines’ app to your phone. If you need to deviate from the plan during your day, just re-optimize in-park, and it will get you back on track! I know I’ve found that 20 minutes early or late can mean a big difference in wait times. The software knows best :slight_smile:

We went to magic kingdom on a day predicted to bea 9, it rained all day and turned out to be a 4. With our touring plan, before the weather hit we were expecting most lines to be about 15 minutes. With the rain we walked onto almost everything. I think it would have been fair to say if normal crowd levels had been reached it would have only been 15 minutes or so at the times we went on those specific rides. The only time the line prediction was not at all accurate, was Elsa and Anna. Lines said 45 minutes, the posted time in front of the line said 70, and we waited for 90. Otherwise it was pretty spot on while in the parks.

The only day when crowds presented an issue to our touring plan was Hollywood Studios. I was really frustrated, and I think the rest of my group was too. We missed a lot of stuff simply due to the crowd level. HS is different in that it’s mostly shows. So if a show is over crowded, it’s like an hour’s wait until the next show. We got a late start with Chef Mickey for brunch, and only stayed until 3:00 too though, had we started our half day earlier I think we would have gotten more out of our plan. The crowd there that day was a 7, and had predicted to be a 7. The crowds were definitely more noticeable than on our 4 MK day! Again though, I think that is in part to the nature of the attractions. The character lines were all relatively short and predicted wait times were very accurate for those

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