Not solo anymore trip report day #5

Slept in, dropped our bags at bell services. Monorail to the Contemporary for brunch at California Grill!


After this we are headed to MK to upgrade DH ticket to AP & shop for souvenirs for our girls. DME pickup isn’t until 5:50pm


I can’t believe your trip is almost over!

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Looks like a great start to your day…so sorry its the last day…
Have a great time at MK!!

What a great way to start your last day!


I love brunch at CG. It looks like we ordered the same dishes.


That is one fabulous looking meal! What a nice way to start your last day. Sounds like you have had a lovely trip.

Just got a text that our flight home has been delayed by over 3 hours. We aren’t going to land until after 3am and I work tomorrow :tired_face:

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Oh no! What airline?


My favorite ever meal and my favorite ever dish!!! Butter-poached lobster eggs Benedict! I’m dying.

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Oh dude that’s terrible.

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Yeah I am pretty pissy. I haven’t seen my kids in 5 days. And they can’t rebook me until tomorrow. And their customer service is closed until tomorrow morning. So basically I am SOL.

And they just delayed it another 30 minutes. For the love of all that is good & holy!


I have had them delay for 6 hours and never thought to ask for anything, but my last flight they delayed 3 hours and they gave us all $100 vouchers. I did not ask but maybe you should?


So sorry…that’s terrible…its also why we’re driving the next time we go to Orlando, assuming we make it back at all…
To paraphrase @profmatt I hate flying…and all the headaches related to it…:upside_down_face:


Oh, no. That’s awful.

Did you at least get more park time or were you already at MCO? Safe (and speedy) travels!

No :confused: I got the message about 30 minutes before DME pickup.

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