Not solo anymore trip report day #4

Slept in this morning, checked our bags at the desk to transfer to the Poly.

Headed to AK for FOP fastpasses. It is HOT today. Full sun & steamy. Grabbed coffee & took the bus to Epcot for more fastpasses. We will hang out here until this afternoon when our room at the Poly is ready.


How is your knee today? And how’s DH holding up? Hopefully he got enough rest last night.

My knee is much better, thank you for asking! We both had good sleep last night so we are pretty refreshed. Today is a bit slower paced. We are basically just hanging out in Epcot until our room at the Poly is ready. We will head over and take a big nap this afternoon because we have Disney After Hours tonight :slight_smile:


Oh, how fun! Glad your knee is better. Have fun today!

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We are going in two weeks. Can you take note if they are letting DAH guests use FP lines w/ their DAH lanyards?

I’ve been getting mixed reports if this is true or not.

Have a great time and eat waaaay too many Mickey Bars!

That should be for @BoilerMomPharmD. :wink:

It should be… I copied it from her comment on your post and it attributed it to you. Sorry!

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i guess I am confused about this. You mean they are let through the FPP line before the event starts? Or you mean they aren’t allowed through the FPP line because their ticket shouldn’t include FPP?

I’m not sure if we will be using FPP. We have dinner beforehand & will head over for the fireworks after that.

There have been reports that DAH guests have been allowed to use FPP lines w/o having a FPP reserved. It was only after the entry time and before the event time (in this case 7pm-10pm) and after showing their DAH lanyard.

Oh, wow. I’m curious to hear about this too. We’re doing DAH the same night you are and didn’t even know that was a possibility.

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Ah I will try it and see if it works!

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Busy day! Hopped to Epcot & used FP for Soarin. Grabbed TT at 11:37 drop but it was down for awhile so the line was crazy long. We skipped it and picked up FEA. It was sooooo HOT and no escape in WS. DH was hungry so we walked to America to get food for him. This was a mistake. I got so hot I started to feel sick. Thankfully the friendship boat was right there & it took us from Morocco to Canada. I cooled off on the monorail to the Poly and started to feel a bit better.

Turns out our room at the Poly had been ready for awhile. They said I never checked in so I didn’t get a text, even though I did online check in. Room request was a flop. Oh well, just one night. Took a shower to cool off & a nice nap. Just got back from dinner at Ohana. Resting a bit before heading to MK.


Wow, you made such amazing plans.


More thunderstorms tonight. We may skip the FW if it is still raining.

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Forgot to post this. Couldn’t believe FEA was only 35 minutes at 1:20!


Everyone is bailing from the rain. Can basically walk straight up to the castle at 9pm for

9:15 FW


Currently stuck in splash

No go on Buzz at 9:40.


Line mixup at SDMT. Wait probably going to be 20+ min. People not happy.