Not So Scary Party Rumor - Can anybody confirm?

I attended on September 18th. It was a Tuesday and I didn’t think it would be a heavy attendance day. It was NUTS. Lines around the building to trick or treat. Lines around the building for character meets. Hour plus waits for rides. I took some videos of the craziness. On the bus back to the resort, some people were saying that they had never seen a NSS party like that - not even on October 31 and one lady said she had been told that Disney had decided to not allow it to sell out and to allow as many tickets as possible to be sold as an experiment for future NSS parties.

I was wondering if anybody else had heard anything about this…

I was there on that date for MNSSHP and I didn’t experience that much of a crowd though there were plenty of people. Little disorganized but that how Disney Parties apparently are. Got to the Haunted Mansion and did not wait too long as the line went fast. We did not do all that much trick or treating and didn’t stay for the after party. Two years before however at MVMCP it was insane and people were down right rude. Tried to see the Christmas show at the castle and were pushed around continually by late comers. Would not do MVMCP again and probably not MNSSHP either because the expense is not even close to what you get in return. If you like to dress up and parade around that’s a different story but we did not.

I did MNSSHP last year and didn’t enjoy it at all — that was partly the fault of the weather.

I did the late night thing this year (whatever it’s called) and loved it. No lines for anything and better treats — “free” Mickey bars and bottles of water.

Thanks for replying. Yeah, we too have decided no more hard ticketed events. It was just weird how during normal operating hours the rides were 10-15 minutes and then as soon as the party started the crowds seemed to balloon.

At the same time the crowds went up, the number of workers went down. Haunted Mansion did move well (I really enjoyed Madame Carlotta (sp?)). Space Mountain did not.

I think they knew something was up because trick or treat lines were put through venues as the lines kept growing. I don’t know how to link stuff but I took a video of the never ending line as it went through Cosmic Rays (which was packed to capacity) and it is astonishing.

This was our first NSSP and I wanted to know if this was the normal experience.

It’s all testing to see what they can get away with. I’ll start the rumor that the next iteration of ticket changes will be based on the EMM and DAH strategy and every ticket will be for a specific date and for only a 3 hour time window, that you will have to select 6 months in advance. $100 per 3 hours of park time, flat rate. But they will limit attendance during your window…

Haha. I have to say - I wouldn’t have too hard of a time believing it and everyone would get an implanted chip to “improve” their experience. Right? :slight_smile:

The next step will be going back to individual attraction coupon books. I don’t know what they were thinking allowing unlimited rides with the price of admission when they were charging per ride before! Lines will go down when you have to buy a FOP attraction ticket for $100 though.